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Lithium-ion batteries within our smart phones were first discovered and invented by Sony 30 years ago. Since its inception the vast majority of our modern world is fuelled by these tiny packets of energy – ranging from smart phones to electric cars to hardware machinery.


The lithium-ion battery has been the first choice to power the modern world due to its size, reliability, economical benefits and high energy density. The four elements merged together allows the innovation and development of more elegant technology, natural to our human instincts with a bold sense of trust and accessibility to everyone.


However since the rapid growth and the increasing future potential for the use of the technology that allows our technology to be of use has not been built to be used efficiently, effectively or carefully. Think about that for a second, the technology that makes possible the technology your reading is used ever so poorly and recklessly.



The key — Low voltages.


Lithium-ion batteries within our smart phones work better under lower voltages. The higher the voltage, the higher the stress, the higher the stress, the higher the rate of battery capacity and performance loss.

Keeping it cool.


Focusing on keeping the battery charged between 30% – 80% maintains a low voltage  — keeping the battery in a cool state. This cool state makes it easier for the battery to maintain its high-performance, balance its efficiency and retain most of its capacity — even after a few years.



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