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Five ways Turtle can help us make better use of our technology — everyday.

We’ve all got the same 24 hours a day, no matter where we stand on this big blue planet we all live by this universal principle of time. In the present timeline of today — the 21st century, the world has progressed and evolved into a technological marvel; smart devices, the internet and the digital era is happening.


We communicate through glass and aluminium boxes made super intelligent with the use of silicon, copper and lead and with one tap of the glass we get instant access — to the whole world. So for the question, what do we do with these things to help progress further? Well we believe there lies a fine line between humanity and technology and here are five ways we can use our technology to make better use of the most valued thing we receive every day — time.


1 Music

Music is the universal language of emotion, we all use music to feel something — get new perspectives, reminisce old memories and dream the future. Thereby as emotion is one of the most powerful contributors to feeling something, we believe we can use music to elevate our moods from everyday mundane routines to feelings of joy, happiness and ecstasy


It’s an instant access card to breathe life into any given environment and make our human soul feel enriched. This enriched feeling combined while doing our daily activities makes everyday all the more wonderful.


Recommended apps

Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube

2 — Travel


We have got to keep moving. Staying in one place through the whole day not only makes us fatigue and unproductive — it suppresses us from the many adventures, experiences and moments we would remember if only we chose to travel and explore.


The beauty of travel and a way to remember our moments, experiences and adventures can be bought back to life through photos and videography that can be captured by our phones. Thereby the advanced technology we carry in our palms helps support our journeys by assisting us with activities we can and moments we can cherish.

Recommended apps

Google Maps, Instagram and Tripadvisor

3 – Communication 



Well, we’ve all go to speak to understand one and other; it’s our most effective gateway to teamwork and unity. The first forms of verbal language communications were invented by a bunch of curious ancestors of ours around 1.8 million years ago. While we may have said a few words back then, today we communicate through over 30 languages and use technology to further enhance the ease of this communication from side of the earth, to another.


To progress from speaking a few words, to speaking over 30 languages to speaking over 30 languages from two ends of the world is something quite remarkable we ought to admire about us humans. Thereby we believe technology is an excellent mechanism for communication and help us progress further in all elements of family and
loves ones, work, study and more.

Recommended apps

Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook and WhatsApp

4 – Health


We humans are essentially biological bodies moving across time and space working towards things we aspire, desire and are driven towards. These bodies we’ve been gifted and our vessels that allow us to accomplish activities through the day as the mind cannot move – thereby a healthy body is equally as important to a healthy mind.


With the advancement of technology, there are a numerous ways to keep track of our health, make sure we’re thriving and living actively – Activity tracking apps help us monitor our movements and achieve daily targets, nutrition apps help us keep a healthy diet and mindfulness apps maintain our inner calmness.

Recommended apps

Fitbit, NikeRunClub, Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

5 – Serenity 


We use our technology for a plethora of reasons – ranging from the above reasons mentioned to a world of more. Thereby the assistance and support we receive from our technology helps move us along our days and progress through our routines. Therefore if we use our technology sort of as “stepping stones” to accomplish a task and move from point A to point B – then the absence of our technology would result in an absence of accomplishing a task


This gives us the freedom to carry on our days with a clear mind and a focus on the task ahead. Increasing our overall productivity and providing us with ease of mind for a feeling of accomplishment, joy and serenity.

Recommended apps

There are no apps, it’s just a certain joy

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