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Five fruits that can help boost our energy levels through the day

Our minds and bodies are really cruising through the day thinking and acting on what the plan is for the day. Through the morning till we hit our beds at night, it’s a constant flow of one activity to the other — wether it be work, play, study, fun or fit we ought to complete activities through our days as the Japanese say “What we eat to fuel the movements of our bodies — is what keeps us healthy.”


Meaning — being productive is healthy, yet what we consume to stay productive is something we need to think about. We hope you guys enjoy fruit, as we believe fruit is the ultimate source of nutrition, sweetness and energy. Here’s five fruits to keep you highly productive through the day.



1 — Peaches

Our bodies run on oxygen and oxygen is delivered around our body through red blood cells. There’s a protein called Haemoglobin in our red blood cells thats responsible for transporting Oxygen to our cells — and Haemoglobin is made up of the mineral iron.

Peaches are an extremely iron rich fruit — which enables more more haemoglobin production resulting in more oxygen being delivered to our cells to produce energy. Moreover, the other many elements within peaches such as — Vitamin C, A, E and minerals such as Potassium, cooper and magnesium help boost our moods, protects our heart and keep us healthy. It’s the perfect fruit to stay balanced, calm and energetically productive through the day — not to forget it tastes wonderful.



2 — Strawberries

When we think strawberries, we think ice cream, on top of pancakes and not forget their unforgettable milkshakes. However they are so much more.


Strawberries are a source of many natural elements such as fibre, anthocyanin and vitamin C. Fibre is an essential element to regulate our digestive systems, while anthocyanin helps in maintaining a healthy heart and vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents the damage of free radicals on cells — free radicals are responsible for heart failure, cancer and other various diseases. Ever heard the saying “Health is wealth?” Well, strawberries are great for keeping our hearts healthy — keeping our bodies healthy and ready for the day.



3 — Bananas

Im sure we all aware that bananas are an excellent source of protein which is brilliant for muscle growth, bones and lowers your blood pressure. However bananas are also are source for three natural sugars — sucrose, fructose and glucose, giving you fat and cholesterol-free energy packed nutrients, perfect to support us through our daily activities and help keep us on the move.


Bananas are also an excellent provider of potassium, which is an essential element for a healthy heart and can help lower blood pressure. It’s a super easy snack to gain quick bursts of energy and stay healthy through the day by assisting with muscle cramps and to revive our strength to feel the energy for an extended period of time.



4 — Avocados

Avocados are a special fruit, they are considered a super fruit for their ever fulfilling natural sources of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats; to name a few — Vitamin K, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Protein, Potassium and a load of healthy fats.


Avocados can keep us fuelled through the day as healthy fats enhance the way our bodies absorb nutrients and store these nutrients as reserves of energy when we need them. Moreover, the abundance of vitamin B’s are used by our bodies to convert food into energy. Put the two together and we’ve got our super fruit — gives us energy and helps convert all our other foods sources into energy as well.


5 — Oranges

The kings of vitamin C are bound to give and sustain your energy through the day. Combining their exceptional vitamin C content with fibre, folate, vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, copper, potassium and calcium — Oranges equip you with sustained energy rather than quick bursts of energy. Helping strengthen our emotional bodies resulting in a feeling of joy, cheerfulness and overall well-being.


Furthermore, Oranges contain antioxidant compounds that help protect us against oxidative stress. Through research we’ve learnt that oxidative stress can make us feel fatigued — thereby the feeling of fatigue can be suppressed and a feeling of optimism can be promoted through oranges. They’re an all time favourite energy and mood enhancer for a productive day ahead and healthy self.

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